Himalayan Gurkha Restaurant Menu

> Starters

    Crispy Fried Snack made of Gram Flour. Vegeterian

    Pickle Tray
    Four Different varieties, a combination of pickles for Pappodams. Vegeterian DAIRY.MUSTARD.

    Gurkhali Aludam (Veg)
    Boiled Potatoes cut in cubes and fried with cumin seeds and Nepalese Spices.

    Gurkhali Soup
    Nepalese spiced soup with Lamb Dumplings. WHEAT,DAIRY.

    Lamb Dumplings served with SEASME seed and tomato chutney (Dip). Choice of Steamed or Fried. SEASME, DAIRY

    Sekwa (Chicken / Lamb)
    Skewered meat marinated in Nepalese spices, baked in clay oven and served on the bed of Onion in a sizzler. DAIRY,MUSTARD

    Choyla (Lamb/ Chicken)
    Meat marinated in Nepalese spices, baked in the clay oven and finished in pan with fried fenugreek seeds, onion, cucumber and green chillies. Very popular dish of Kathmandu, Nepal. “Fairly hot”. DAIRY, MUSTARD

    Gurkhali Chilli Chicken
    BBQ Chicken cooked with capsicum, onions, tomato in Nepalese spicy sweet and sour sauce. “Hot” DAIRY, MUSTARD, SOYA

    Gurkhali Chilli Fish
    Marinated Fish cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes in Nepalese spicy sweet and sour sauce. “Hot” FISH,DAIRY,MUSTARD,SOYA

    Gurkhali Chilli Paneer (Veg)
    Home made cottage cheese cooked with capsicum,onions,tomato in Nepalese spicy sweet and sour sauce. “Hot” DAIRY,MUSTARD,SOYA

    Lamb Chops
    Chops of lamb shoulders, marinated in Nepalese way and tenderly baked in clay oven. Served in a sizzler on bed of onions. DAIRY,MUSTARD

    Onion bhajji (Veg)
    Crispy onion snack prepared with various spices in a GRAM flour. Served with Tamarind chutney. EGG.

    Samosha (Meat/Veg)
    Served with Tamarind chutney. GLUTEN

    Seekh Kebab
    Marinated minced lamb baked in clay oven, served with onions in a sizzler MUSTARD

    Garlic Mushroom Puri. (Veg)
    Mushroom pan fried with garlic and special spices , served with deep fried bread. GLUTEN

    Prawn Puri
    Prawn cooked with medium spices served with puri GLUTEN,CRUSTACEANS

    Aalu chana Puri (Veg)
    Potatoes and chick peas cooked with medium spices, served with puri. WHEAT

    Mix Sizzler for 4 persons
    Combination of BBQ chicken and lamb plus Sheek Kebab on the bed of onions in a sizzler. DAIRY,MUSTARD

    Mix Starter for 4 person.
    Mix platter of Gurkhali chilli chicken,Momo,Seekh kebab and Gurkhali aaludum.

> Tandoori

    All tandoori dishes are first marinated with various Nepalese spices and yogurt, barbequed in a tandoor (Clay oven) and served on a bed of onions in a sizzler with mint sauce.

    Tandoori Chicken Half

    Tandoori Chicken Full

    Chicken or Lamb Tikka
    Boneless chicken or Lamb. MUSTARD,DAIRY

    Chicken or Lamb Shashlik
    Chicken/ Lamb barbequed together with onions, capsicum and tomato.

    Paneer Tikka Shashlik
    Home made Indian cheese, onions,capsicum and tomato. DAIRY,MUSTARD

    Garlic Chicken Tikka
    Boneless chicken with garlic and creamy paste of cashew nuts DAIRY,NUTS

    Achari Tikka
    BBQ chicken breast also marinated with spicy mixed pickle. MUSTARD,DAIRY

    Salmon Tikka.


    Tandoori King Prawn

    Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik
    King prawn, Onions, Capsicum and tomato barbequed together DAIRY,MUSTARD,MOLLUSCS

    Himalayan Mixed Grill platter (served with Naan bread)
    House special BBQ varities- Tandoori chicken,King prawn,Chicken tikka, Lamb tikka & Sheek kebab DAIRY,MUSTARD,MOLLUSCS

> Chef's Recommendations

    Lasun Khukhura
    Tender pieces of chicken cooked with Garlic, green chillis and spring onion.

    Gurkhali Chicken or Lamb
    Boneless Chicken or Lamb cooked with yoghurt, Nepalese herbs and green chilli. “Fairly hot”. DAIRY

    Kukhura ko Chati
    Chicken breast cooked with fresh mushrooms and green peas in chefs special spices and green herbs.

    Palungo - Chicken / Lamb.
    Boneless Chicken or Lamb cooked with fresh spinach and herbs with Nepalese spices.

    Chicken or Lamb Nepal.
    BBQ Chicken or Lamb cooked with fruits in a mild creamy sauce. DAIRY,NUTS

    Chicken or Lamb Bhutwa.
    Boneless Chicken or Lamb cooked with onion, capsicum, green herbs and spices.

    Aalu Masu.
    Potato and Lamb cooked together with Nepalese spices.

    Khasi ko Masu
    Lamb cooked with fresh vegetables and green herbs in tranditional Nepalese spices. DAIRY,MUSTARD

    Chicken Chilli Masala.
    BBQ chicken cooked in Nepalese spices with spring onion & green chillies. “Fairly hot”

    Macha Karahi Special.
    Marinated fish cooked with onion, capsicum, tomato, mustard seeds, hint of garlic, fresh ginger & coriander. FISH,MUSTARD

    Himalayan Kurilo Hansh
    Boneless Duck meat cooked with Asparagus and green herbs..

    Himalayan Mis-Mas Karahi Special.
    Chicken tikka, Lamb tikka, king prawns and prawns cooked with onions, capsicum & coriander leaves in medium spices with red wine tossed in an iron soak.

    Himalayan Mis-Mas Karahi Special.
    Chicken tikka, Lamb tikka, king prawns and prawns cooked with onions, capsicum & coriander leaves in medium spices with red wine tossed in an iron soak. DAIRY,MUSTARD,SULPHITES

> Himalayan Gurkha Specials

    Himalayan Taal ko Machha.
    Tilapia fish cooked with garlic, capsicum, onion, coriander, spring onion and fresh spinach. FISH,DAIRY

    Himalayan Chicken.
    Marinated chicken breast stuffed with minced lamb, slow baked in clay oven then cooked in medium spiced onion & tomato sauce also with garlic, spring onion and coriander. MUSTARD,DAIRY

    Himalayan Lamb.
    BBQ Lamb cooked in chef's special Nepalese strong spices with fresh ginger, spring onions and coriander leaves. MUSTARD, DAIRY

> Vegetable Mains

    Daal Saag
    Mixed Yello lentils and spinach cooked together. DAIRY

    Paneer Masala
    Homemade Indian cheese cooked with butter, ground almonds, fresh mild spices with tomato creamy sauce and a touch of coconut. DAIRY,NUTS

    Mixed vegetable Korma.
    Mixed vegetables cooked with coconut & almond powder in very creamy sauce. DAIRY,NUTS

    Himalayan Vegetable Masala
    Mixed vegetable cooked in butter, ground almonds, fresh cream and special masala sauce. DAIRY,NUTS

    Himalayan Mix Vegetable Karahi
    Mixed vegetable cooked with tomato, onion, capsicum and coriander and tossed in an iron souk.

    Aloo Tama Karahi
    Black eyed beans, potato and bamboo shoots cooked with fresh coriander leaves and tossed in an iron souk. The most famous vegetable curry in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Paneer Palungo
    Homemade Indian cheese cooked together with fresh spinach DAIRY

> Prawn Dishes

    Prawn Curry / Madras / vindaloo
    curry = mild , Madras = hot , Vindaloo = very hot

    Prawn Saag
    Prawns cooked with fresh spinach. DAIRY

    Prawn Dopiaza/Bhuna/Korma
    Dopiaza is medium spiced cooked with extra onions / Bhuna is done with special spicy sauce / Korma is a creamy mild dish cooked with coconut & almond. DAIRY,NUTS

    Chefs Mixed Prawn Special
    Prawns and King Prawns Cooked with Mushroom and Peas in a chefs special curry sauce.

    Himalayan Macha Masala
    Marinated fish cooked with mild sauce DAIRY.

    Himalayan King Prawn Masala
    Tandoori King Prawn cooked with butter, ground almonds, fresh cream & chef special masala sauce

> Classics

    Chicken / Lamb

    Patia - Chicken / Lamb
    Sweet and sour tangy flavoured dish prepared with oriental spices, mango chutney and mixed pickle. DAIRY

    Dopiaza – Chicken / Lamb
    Medium spiced dish cooked with extra onions.

    Balti – Chicken / Lamb
    Cooked with green chilli, tomatoes, capsicums, garlic, ginger and a touch of coriander leaves. DAIRY

    Rogan Josh – Chicken / Lamb
    A recipe from North India where the dish is prepared with medium spices, tomatoes and various herbs.

    Bhuna – Chicken/ Lamb
    Cooked with special spicy sauce.

    Jalfrazi – Chicken/ Lamb
    Chicken or Lamb TIKKA cooked with capsicum, onion, tomatoes, green chillis and special herbs. (Reasonable hot) DAIRY,MUSTARD

    Karahi – Chicken/ Lamb
    Cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, capsicum & coriander leaves, all tossed in an hot iron souk.

    Korma – Chicken / Lamb
    Cooked with coconut & almond powder in very creamy sauce. DAIRY,NUTS

    Tikka Masala – Chicken / Lamb
    Chicken/Lamb TIKKA cooked in butter, ground almonds, fresh cream & special masala sauce. DAIRY,NUTS

    Keema Mutter
    Lamb minced meat cooked in chef’s special sauce with green peas

    Keema Lamb
    Lamb minced meat cooked in chef’s special sauce witH tender pieces of Lamb meat.

    Butter Chicken
    Tender pieces of Chicken Breast cooked in pure ghee with almonds and cashew nuts in a creamy sauce. DAIRY

    Biryani Dishes
    All biryani dishes are prepared with basmati pilau rice with several special spices and nuts like cashews, cardamom and served with special biryani sauce made of mixed vegetable or Raita.

    Chicken Biryani NUTS
    Lamb Biryani NUTS
    Mixed vegetable
    Chicken / Lamb Tikka Biryani.
    King Prawn Biryani
    Himalayan Chefs special Biryani
    House special Biryani prepared with chicken, lamb, mushrooms and prawns, finished with egg on top. EGG,PRAWN

> Sides & Sundries

    Naan / Roti

    Plain Naan
    Freshley cooked tandoori oven bread. DAIRY,EGG

    Tandoori Roti
    Bread made of whole wheat flour in a clay oven

    Bread made of Whole wheat flour on a tawa (special pan).

    Layered flat bread made of whole wheat flour and butter. DAIRY

    Garlic Naan
    Naan bread prepared with garlic. DAIRY,EGG

    Cheese and Garlic Naan

    Chilli Naan

    Onion Kulchha
    Naan bread stuffed with onions and green herbs. DAIRY,EGG

    Cheese Naan
    Naan bread stuffed with cheese. DAIRY,EGG

    Peshwari Naan
    Naan bread stuffed with coconut and various nuts powder. Sweet in taste. DAIRY,NUTS,EGG

    Whole wheat bread deeply fried.

    Vegetable Side Dishes

    Chyau (Mushroom )/Saag (spinach)/ Bhyanta (brinjal) bhaji.
    Mushroom or Spinach or Brinjal (Aubergine) curry cooked with Nepalese spices.

    Saag Paneer
    Fresh Spinach with homemade indian cheese.

    Aalu Simi
    Potato and green beans whole cooked together.

    Aalu Gobi
    Potato and cuali flower

    Fresh Bhindi
    Okra cooked in Light Nepalese spices (Dry)

    Fresh Bhindi
    Okra cooked in Light Nepalese spices (Dry)

    Bombay Aalu.
    Spicy Potato

    Aalu Bhanta
    Aubergine and Potato.

    Mixed vegetable
    Dry or Curry

    Aalu Saag.
    Potato and spinach. DAIRY

    Chana Masala
    Chick peas cooked in medium spices with onion.

    Mutter Paneer
    Peas & home made Indian cheese.

    Tarka Daal
    Lentils cooked with spices onions and tomoatoes & a touch of garlic. DAIRY

    Jhaneko Daal.
    Lentils cooked with Nepalese spices & touch of garlic. DAIRY

    Rice Varieties

    Boiled Rice

    Pilau Rice
    Rice specially prepared to give different taste, very fragrant and finished with cumin seeds. DAIRY

    Mushroom Rice
    Pilau rice prepared with mushrooms. DAIRY

    Vegetable Rice
    Pilau Rice prepared with mixed vegetables. DAIRY

    Egg Fried Rice
    Pilau Rice fried together with eggs. DAIRY, EGG

    Keema Rice.
    Pilau Rice prepared with lamb minced meat. DAIRY

    Himalayan Special Fried Rice.
    Pilau Rice prepared with peas and prawns. DAIRY, CRUSTACEANS

    Chef's Special Fried Rice
    Pilau Rice Prepared with chicken and Lamb Tikka With prawns. DIARY,MUSTARD,CRUSTACEANS


    Yought mixed with cucumber, red onions and tomatoes. DAIRY

    Nepalese Mix-Green Salad

    Curry Sauce
    Medium/Hot/Very Hot


    Plain Natural Yogurt